Our Vision

Prosperous People Through Excellent Governance

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide better services to the people under the purview of Ipalogama Divisional Secretariat through general administration sustainable development and well planned method utilising the available and receivable resources with Austeripy together with better coordination of government and nongovernmental Organizations by Providing Services to public in conformity with Government policy.

01 .      Introduction

Ipalogama divisional secretariat can be described as land of serenity consists of ancient remarkable places such as Vijithapura Rajamaha viharaya and giant of irrigation technology Kalawewa . The initials colonies of Sri Lanka such as Senapura like various village stil can be seen in this division . It has become become home to Sinhala , Tamil and Muslim people & the total population is around 42812.

  • Location

There are 23 divisional secretariat divisions in Anurdhapura District and Ipalogama

divisional secretariat divisions located in the midst of Thalawa , Thirappane , Kekirawa , Palagala & Galnewa divisions . It has located 124-130 miters height from the sea level and annual temperature is around 80 feranhite degrees . Annual raining is around 60-80 inches and it was increased within the last year . This divisions has located in the Anuradhapura . Kandy road and 50 km away from the Anuradhapura town and 11 km away from Kekirawa town .

  • The Spread of the Land

In this divisions 113 villages are included under 32 Grama Niladhari divisions and

total land area is 134 km² . Total distance of roads within Ipalogama divisions is 1622 km and 37 km belongs to provincial council . Biggest Grama Niladhari Division is Kunchikulama with 18.67 km² and smallest Grama Niladhari Divisions Kalawewa with  1.08 km².

  • Water Resources

This division was developed based on the agriculture , and has a water system which

reflects ancient heritage. The best creation of ancient irrigation technology , Yodha Ela is following through this divisions and Jaya Ganga which was developed parallel to the Yodha Ela is a key source of water to the farmers of the division Kalawewa like big tanks are linked to Manewa like sub tanks systems and three are around 74 tanks situated within the divisions .

  • Bio- diversity

According to the classification of the agriculture , this land area belongs to dry zone

and comprised of some forests with inebriant trees , plants , birds and animals . Mahailuppallama agriculture research institute and Agricultural Faculty of University of Peradeniya provides knowledge and assistance to the farmer of the divisions .

  • Population

Total population within this division is around 42812 and majority of 35474 are

Sinhalese . Not only that around 7002 Muslims and around 115 Tamils are living in this division . According to the religion , majority are Buddhist . Kunchikulama has the higtest population and Amanakkattuwa is the Grama Niladhari division with lowest population .

  • Agriculture

Agriculture is the common reputation of this divisions as entire rajarata forming  lands are watered by 74 tanks with mahaweli and rain water . Main crops also can be seen .


Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. Ranjith Darmasena 1991 1994
Mr. U.D. Yapa 1994 1996
Mr. Sarath Wijesinghe 1996 2000
Mr. A.M.K.B. Adikari 2001 2005
Mr. K.B. Hettiarachchi 2005 2007
Mr. H.M.P. Bandara 2007  
Mr. R.P Sathkumara 2007 2011
Mrs. M.S.S. Sajidha Banu


Mrs. E.A.S. Edirisinghe 2018.05.15  2018.10.31

News & Events

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